Obviously,Yang Kaixin came here after understanding it clearly,So it’s a point,I gave Shen Huan a lot of feedback。
Wait till Yang is happy and grateful to carry2Bottle Yingyue Cream leaves,Shen Huan began to remember how to expand the planting of Yingyue Grass。
It’s a coincidence that Yang Kaixin came,Shen Huan just finished picking the remaining Yingyuegrass、Make30The bottle of Yingyue cream is finished。
17The ingredients don’t matter,You can buy it with money。
But based on the current yield of Yingyuegrass in the yard,At most once50Bottle look,Harvest twice a year,Top of the sky100bottle。
According to one person every year2-3Bottle calculation,That’s the amount for 30 or 40 people。
The women around Shen Huan,Including school.Flowers,Friends including Zhu Mei,And partners like the princess,It doesn’t add up20personal。
But with their relatives and friends,Some people who have to give face,Then definitely not enough。
Besides, Shen Huan is also going to exchange something with Yingyue Manuscript,Then there must be more margin。
After all, as long as it is a woman,As long as you know the effect of Yingyue Ointment,I can’t escape。
But the area of the yard is so big,Now I have used half of the yard to grow Yingyue grass,Any more words,Not only looks weird,And it will attract the attention of many people。
Shen Huan doesn’t want people to know the secret of Yingyue Gao。
many things,The more mysterious the better。
Want to increase planting area,It’s better to be outside the suburbs。
But in the wild,How to take care of it is another problem。