But it’s simple,Execute,The difficulty is not small。
But now Xu Xuan has no other good solutions,I can only think of something from myself。
After all, he is someone who has been dealt with by countless teams using Jordan’s Law。
Long illness becomes a good doctor,Although Xu Xuan doesn’t think Jordan’s Law will do anything to him,But thinking of that year“Bad Boys Army”Even the old hooligans were eliminated by this trick,definitely will.asxs.effect。
At least,Will be better than the previous one。
Dayao went to talk。
Taking advantage of the break。
The head coach of the women’s basketball team is Hu Jiashi,After listening to Dayao’s words, I thought for a while,Quickly call up the players to start tactics。
“Xu Xuan also came to watch the game today,Come and cheer for the women’s basketball players。”
“Three quarters behind5Minute,Not much difference,There is still hope to come back。”
“We saw Xu Xuan waving!He is leading the Chinese fans in the stands to cheer for the players on the field!”Yu Jiajie said。
There is still a difference between men’s basketball and women’s basketball,Jordan’s Law is indeed a stranger to the women’s basketball team。
but,Strange to strange,The essence of Jordan’s Law is still easy to understand。
Omnipotent defense,If you can’t help it, let it go,Guard against others。
If this can be done,The opposite single-core system will be restricted,Unless their core players are better than Jordan.
The fourth quarter comes up,Women national players who are not familiar with Jordan’s law,There are still many mistakes,By the Spanish side,Widened the difference to7Minute。