It feels like a week of holding back shit suddenly came out。
Can only be described in two words,happy。
Zhao Ming’s breakthrough lasted three hours。The people around were slowly numb from the shock from the beginning。The registration continues to be headlined。
Xiao Wu is by Zhao Ming’s side,Protect him。
As time goes by,Zhao Ming’s breath slowly stabilized。
“Thirty-five-level soul。”
Open your eyes slowly,Feel the majestic soul power,Zhao Ming couldn’t help but smile。He can feel the soul power in his body,Even if it’s not far from level 36。
Glance around。There are not many people lining up to sign up at this time。
“Let’s go,We go to sign up。”Holding Xiao Wu’s hand,The two walked in the direction of the old man。
Zhao Ming is also two people in front of them,It’s their turn soon。Threw twenty golden soul coins into the wooden box,Zhao Ming and Xiao Wu stretched out their hands together。
“Right age,You release the martial soul。”Squeezed their hand bones,The old man said excitedly。The voice is still a little urging。
The two looked at each other,Also released Wuhun。
Rabbit ears give birth,The fluffy white hair appeared on Xiao Wu’s hands,The body has also become more slender。Wuhun Yutu Possession。
Zhao Ming hasn’t changed much,Only three empty spirit rings appeared beside him。
The fluctuations of the two soul-sovereign levels made the elder who was in charge of registration brighten。
Xiao Wu’s 31st Level Soul Power,Two yellow and one purple。