The Penn boy group composed of six Penn appeared in front of Jilaiya。
“Payne,The leader of Akatsuki?,And still six people”Jilaiya looked at the six people blocking his way。
“Hey,Jiraiya,Pay attention to their eyes。”I heard the reminder of the old lady toad on my shoulder,Jilai just noticed,In the eyes of the six people in front of me,Have a pair of reincarnation eyes。
“This is the eye of reincarnation!The legendary fairy eye,Suddenly there were six pairs!”Jilai also made an incredibly surprised voice,While looking at the leadercPayne,“And that face you are Yahiko,right!”
“As expected of my former teacher,but,Yahiko is dead long ago,Standing in front of you now,Payne,is God!”Tiandao Payne slowly said。
“Stop talking about this kind of nonsense,Yahiko!Reincarnation eye,It should be from Nagato, right?!What the hell is going on!”
Tiandao Payne didn’t continue to talk nonsense,Six Heavenly Dao also launched raids on Zilai at the same time。
Facing six people with reincarnation eyes,And the enemy whose intelligence is not clear,Even in the fairy mode,With the help of two immortals,Jilai still feels very strenuous。
“Yahiko,Why do you have Nagato eyes!”
“Even if I know this kind of thing,You can’t escape back to Konoha Village。”
Although I kept guessing something in the battle,But after all, Jilai couldn’t change his own destiny。
“Really failed in my life”The body is filled with black rods made by Yin Yang escape,Jilai also knelt on the ground and muttered to himself with blood at the corner of his mouth,“Has been rejected by Tsunade,Can’t block my friend,I didn’t protect my master,Educated disciples,Either die or become the prophecy of the rebellious big toad immortal,Is it really wrong?,I have another apprentice who is not an apprentice”
Jiraiya also thought of Sasuke,The child raised by Konoha after the extermination,Also Naruto’s companion and opponent when he was in Konoha,Because I heard my arrival,So haunting the kid who wants to apprentice。
“Hey!Xiao Jilaiya,Are you OK。”Husband Toad asked worriedly。
“Two immortals, this is my last thing to ask you to bring the information back to Konoha”
“Xiao Jilaiya!”
“move,Two fairies”Ji Laiya’s breath of life is getting weaker and weaker。