Qin Yong said with a smile,“Today this matter was originally a discussion,If it weren’t for Changming, they kept asking,I won’t let Liao Zhi do anything with yours at all,If you feel a grudge in your heart,such,Nothing happened to us today,I promise our people will not tell anyone!”
What he said is nice,But it’s actually insinuating Mo’s self-realization to bully the small,At the same time, it is also ironic that the brigade cannot afford to lose。
“Captain Qin,do not,Our dark sting team has always been daring,Since we lost,That is to lose,You can tell anyone!”Mo Zizhen smiled,“But this little brother is really proficient in profound arts,This is also a fact that cannot be concealed,I fight him,It’s not a bully!”
“Mo Erye,I don’t think you are right!”
At this moment, Mo Xiaosheng suddenly stood up and smiled at Mo.,Rebutted。
Mo Zizhen’s face changed,Obviously, I didn’t expect Mo Xiaosheng would take the initiative to stand up and blend this matter.,And speak towards each other。
“Mr. Mo,how do I say this?”Mo Zizhen said with some doubts。
“everybody knows,Looking at the entire China,Your strength is the top presence,Even no less than some strange masters in some military affairs department,And you are the captain of the Dark Sting Team,Fight with such a young ensign in your capacity,Really bullied!”Mo Xiaosheng said calmly,The tone is very sincere。
Li Changming and others were so angry when they heard this,Who is this Mr. Mo from?,They invited him in exceptionally,In the end, he actually helped outsiders to bully their dark stabbing team?
If it wasn’t because Mo Xiaosheng was their captain’s savior,They’ve been swearing!
“Haha,Captain Mo,This brother is not rough or rough!Your ability、Accumulated experience for so many years,How old is Liao Zhi?,And you are not on the same level!”Qin Yong smiled immediately,“Maybe when he is your age,It is possible to overtake you……”
“Fart your mother!”
Li Changming was furious when he heard this,This Qin Yong really fucked his nose,Even the dignity of their captain dare to challenge!
“I just said that,Just say that……”Qin Yong also knew that he was a bit gaffe,Immediately he glanced at Mo Zizhen a little timidly,Shrank his neck in fear。
“Mo Erye,Captain Qin is right,Anyway anyway,You go,It’s really not suitable!”Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Said in agreement,“and so,Let me replace you!”