One zero six、Was followed by a gangster
Fang Xianjing said firmly:“it is good,I will definitely cheer you up then!If they dare to play any tricks,I let them go around。”
She turned around and said again:“Will Zhong Manxia go to see you fight with someone that day??”
Zhong Manxia said she would not go,I can just follow Fang Xianjing’s meaning:“Since Sister is going,Then I will definitely not let her go,Lest she get in the eyes of Sister Sister。”
Fang Xianjing loves to listen to these words,She is in a good mood,Smiled satisfied。
I take this opportunity,Quickly escaped from the tent,Went outside to wash。
The three girls are sitting outside eating breakfast and chatting,See me out,All staring at me,Li Jiajie asked explicitly:“how about it?The taste of our University Tan’s flowers is very refreshing, right?”
It doesn’t matter if I have a thick skin,But Fang Xianjing is still a yellow girl,She may not have accepted such words,So I clarified:“I’m not like her,I don’t believe she will come out,Observe her walking posture,You will know!”
After a while,Fang Xianjing pretended to come out casually,Sit down and chat with them,They watched carefully,I found that her face did not flush after some exercise,Easy walking posture,Nothing unusual,Liu Yanli and Li Jiajie are here,It can be seen that she did not experience the pain of the first night last night。
The three whispered:“He didn’t even enjoy such a delicious meal,Will it be a silver-like wax tip,It doesn’t work!He is rich and handsome,If so, it wouldn’t be a pity,But he studies martial arts,It’s logically impossible to be so strong!”
If I knew they were talking about me in private,Will definitely tell them:“If you don’t believe me, come and try my hero,The three of you go together,I want to make you lose your armor。”
In the morning,I took them to the waterfall to play,We decided to have barbecue at noon,So I went down to get the barbecue,When walking down the mountain,The phone beeps。
Mobile phones are not so popular at this time,There is no signal coverage in many places,I took a look,There is a missed call from Zhong Manxia,I quickly replied to her,I compiled a reason to explain why the phone can’t get through,Fudge her,And said that the training has been very hard these days,Live directly in the city,I’m not afraid that she has the urge to see me。
And my mom’s call,I replied to her to reassure her,And football team、The basketball team asked me to play a game,I don’t bother to care about these,In fact they often harass me,But I am very busy now,Where’s the time to deal with them,Really annoying,Just send a few hundred to let them go out to celebrate,As a result, they harassed me more and more!
What concerns me most is the missed calls and text messages from Boss Zhang,Content is:“The bullies you played that day,They sent someone to guard your car,Be careful。”
I called Boss Zhang:“Boss Zhang,How’s the situation there?”