Between two people talking,Brother Jiu has read the opening remarks,Gave the stage to the players。
3Hours of show time,Remove ads and other time,At best150Only minutes。
During this time,To sing at least40Song,Can be said to be very urgent,So Brother Jiu’s famous sensational performance,Does not appear at this time。
Just that,There are two judges with very different styles, Han Donger and Fu Bufan.,Don’t worry about the lack of attention on the show。
Players to be determined in the last round,After careful preparation,The performance this time is a lot more proficient,The expressiveness on the stage has also risen。
Especially a few young college students in music school,It’s even more impressive,Received warm applause from the audience。
The road to promotion this time,It’s still the judges who decide。
It means that as long as the judges3Pass card,Can advance directly。
Father Zhao Changshou is the first20Appearances。
Already at this time5Individuals get promoted,Only the first round of promotion is left1A。
Hardly everyone thinks he is qualified for promotion,According to his singing,Not like Lan Kai,And won’t be liked by the audience。
Zhao Changshou is wearing a workman’s uniform today,Because he is thin,My face is full of wrinkles,Looks a bit like an old worker。
“a《Start over》Dedicated to everyone!”Zhao Changshou’s opening remarks are still so concise。
The judges and the audience didn’t think much,I just think this song is a bit strange,Have not heard。
But on the big screen behind Zhao Changshou,The name of the song appeared at this time,And its songwriter。
《Start over》
category:Original song。
singer:Zhao Changshou。