Feeling Zhao Ming’s gentle movements,The grievances in Ning Rongrong’s heart were immediately released,Tears filled the two big eyes。
“Don’t cry,I tap,Not painful。”
Take Ning Rongrong’s leg and put it on his abdomen。
Zhao Ming could clearly feel Ning Rongrong’s hot and humid legs wet from sweat。
But Zhao Ming didn’t have any other ideas。Some just pity。
Roll up the trousers,White and tender calf skin exposed。
Zhao Ming untied the straps of Ning Rongrong’s shoes on his calf,Took it off gently。
Take off your shoes,Zhao Ming knows why Ning Rongrong’s feet hurt。Because Ning Rongrong wears a pair of women’s height-increasing shoes。The heel pad behind the shoe is high。Running in these shoes,The toes must not be worn away?
“Because i’m a little short。and so,I wore this。”Seeing Zhao Ming looking at her shoes,Ning Rongrong whispered。
Glanced at Ning Rongrong,Ning Rongrong is kind of petite。Shorter than Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing,But the gap is not particularly big。After putting on these shoes,Can almost make up the height difference between them。
“Watching me do?I am not very short,Just lost。”
“Nothing。I don’t hate you。”Zhao Ming Weiwei,Talking,Help Ning Rongrong take off the thin silk socks that seem to have been soaked in water。
“Do you dare to despise me?I still don’t dislike you。”Listen to what Zhao Ming said,Ning Rongrong suddenly became angry again,Like a little cat,Zhao Ming’s tight calf is also flicking,The little feet touch the ground directly。Suddenly,Face changed,Make a hiss。
“All right,Don’t move,Even if I said the wrong thing just now。”Looking at Ning Rongrong helplessly,Zhao Ming held Ning Rongrong’s small feet in his arms。At this time, Ning Rongrong’s toes were already white with sweat,The skin has been broken in many places。
“I’ll carry you back。”Took a look,Zhao Ming said。