More than 80 colleges and 上海水磨按摩论坛 universities have established an inter-school partnership

  Zhongxin Net Hefei November 11th (Reporter Zhao Qiang) "As of now, there are 39 universities and Taiwan’s 42 universities have established an inter-school partnership and cooperation between the universities of the EFC. Exchange, deepened the Taiwan compatriots to the motherland, understanding Anhui’s understanding of the students’ identification of 上海闵行区龙凤spa Chinese culture. "Zhang Geng, deputy director of the Anhui Provincial Department of Education, said on the 11th of Anhui Chizhou.

  On the same day, the "Cloud Exchange" event in the 2021 Table, held in Anhui Chizhou, some universities from the two places to break the time and space, together with the cloud.

  Zhang Geng said that Anhui and Taiwan have a constant blood velocity in the source of gain.

In particular, in recent years, exchange cooperation in the field of ENTE is continuously expanded, and the interaction between teachers and students has become more active, forming a large number of Brand projects in the military exchanges.

  Among them, the Ji Taiwanese Internet of Things Seminar jointly launched by Zhangzhou College and Taiwan, has successfully held eight sessions; the Taiwan University of China has successfully organized 17 sessions.

"We also jointly organized a number of academic seminars such as the pre-school education, the Human resources, and the cultural science and technology of Western and EFC.

"Zhang Geng introduced that Anhui is the education of education, and it is also an excellent tradition of high education, since ancient times.

Up to now, there are 121 general colleges and universities in the province, 14 million people in schools. "Future, we hope to further deepen the communication and cooperation in the cloud and offline in Taiwan universities.

Chen Run, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhangzhou College, said that the annual Table Internet of Territory has become a more influential technology exchange brand. "This year, the 8th Animation Network Seminar in our school. , By the Chinese Academic Association of Science and Technology for the 2021, the Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong and Macao Youth Scientists Academic Activities. According to Chen Run, the school has been signed a cooperation agreement with 13 universities and enterprises such as Tiles University, Donghua University, Mingchuan University.

Cooperation with Taiwan’s Tiles University to build a "Table Internet Center"; jointly organized three "Wen Taiwan Food Science and Technology Seminar" with Taiwan China Cultural University. Some of the two more teachers and students to study in Taiwan’s colleges and universities have been selected to study in more than 380 teachers and students from Taiwan. Li Qingyu, Vice President of Taiwan Ming Chuan University, said: "This year, this year, there is no way to visit the mainland (this event) this year, but in the next three months, we will communicate with the online exchange of many large colleges in Anhui. This is very expected. "(End) [Editor: Yang Yongqing].