Mudanjiang: "Three Parks, One Square" Private Protection Upgrade City Landscape Style

Recently, the reporter learned from the Mudanjiang Garden Greening Center that after 93 days of tension, the "three parks, one square" infrastructure maintenance and transformation project is completed, optimized the landscaping city living environment, and better show Mudanjiang City. The city landscape style, and the victory of the 4th Travel Session and enhanced the happiness and feelings of the people.

It is understood that the "Three Parks, One Plaza" infrastructure maintenance and transformation project is one of the municipalities and municipal government Limin practical practical things, and is one of the key projects of the 4th Provincial Travel Service, mainly for the urban people park, Nanhu Park, Lotus Park and Pearl Square Infrastructure are maintenance, paving roads and squares, reinforced people’s bridge basis, bridge, hydrophilic platform, maintenance guardrail shore, tensile membranes and other facilities.

The project construction unit started construction on April 18th, and the maintenance paving includes the road and squares, new construction slope, retaining wall and maintenance guardrail, culvert, Qu bridge, wooden guard, etc., a total of road laying. The asphalt is about 22,300 上海夜生活体验网 square meters, and the square roses is approximately 9,800 square meters. It is about 9,160 square meters of maintenance plaza, 7 culverts, 2 Quand Bridge, and the guardrail is about 900 meters.

According to reports, the "three parks, one square" infrastructure maintenance renovation project is the benefit of the people, and the people’s heart project, the city garden greening center attaches great importance to the establishment of project special working group, refinement, scientific development plan, wall chart Operation, inverting construction period, high quality, high standards promote construction progress, and ensure that it is completed on schedule.

After the completion of the project, there is a good social benefit. The completion of the guardrail is repaired. The tourists can contact the 上海品茶论坛 water, watch more garden landscapes, improve the service function of the park square, and the citizens are more convenient and more comfortable, further Improve the city image.

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