Municipal mass organizations working party meeting

          December 7 pm, municipal mass organizations working party meeting held at the Fairmont Hotel, in-depth study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important remarks on the work of mass organizations, implement the provincial party’s mass organizations work conference, summing up the work, analysis of the situation share experiences, promote the city’s mass organizations working on the development of innovative new starting point for Liaocheng striving for excellence in the province, the forefront of progressive forces unite. Party Secretary Sun Aijun attended the meeting, deputy secretary Li Chuntian chair. Sun Aijun in his speech that in recent years, Party General Secretary Xi Jinping depth study and implement the important discussion about the work of the mass organizations, strengthen and improve Party leadership over the work of the mass organizations.

Various mass organizations with innovative ideas and pragmatic initiatives, and actively explore the characteristics of the times, in line with the law of mass organizations, mass organizations have featured the work of Liaocheng new way, creating a new situation in a new era of mass organizations work. However, we should clearly see that there are still some work with the requirements of the times, the development of tasks incompatible place.

Various mass organizations in order to always maintain and enhance political, advanced, as distinct mass-oriented, give full play to the important role of human resources to maximize gather consensus play, to maximize the mobilization of positive factors to promote the development of high-quality contribution Liaocheng more wisdom and strength.

  Sun Aijun stressed the need to adhere to the established political soul, and always firmly mass organizations working in the right direction. Various mass organizations should always studying and implementing the new era of socialist ideology Xi Jinping Chinese characteristics as the primary political task, in-depth study of the spirit of the six parties, the ninth plenary session, link up with General Secretary Xi Jinping learning important remarks on the work of the mass organizations, and General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shandong important instructions required 上海水磨休闲会所 to combine the learning outcomes continue into mass organizations to promote the development of practice. To continue to strengthen the ideals, beliefs, speak good Sishi, talk about the party’s story, the story of the revolution, the hero of the story.

Contact the reality of the masses, pragmatic and workable vehicle design, the socialist core values ??into all aspects of mass organizations work, translated into a lively, distinctive, productive mass from practice.

  Sun Aijun that we should adhere to the first-line meritorious deeds, strive to show serving the overall situation of the play as.

To work closely Shandong three proposed General Secretary Xi Jinping walk around the requirements of the important instructions of the former, an active part in the new era Xing chat main battlefield of ten 上海品茶资源群 projects for the development of the convergence of high-quality energy, increase power.

To focus on key reform in difficult tasks, good publicity and interpretation of relevant policies; listen to the masses evaluation of the effectiveness of the reform, to assist Party committees and governments in promoting reforms to better ask government to the people, people need to ask, ask for the people ; their resources to find ways to pool their wisdom, to break the problem, the practice of the reforms forward.

To the person should, targeted communities contacted to do mass work, organize the masses to actively participate in the comprehensive management of social security, the primary grid management, peace building and other activities, to do the work to resolve the disputes. Sun Aijun stressed the need to adhere to the mass line, continue to meet the needs of 阿拉爱上海419龙凤论坛 the masses a better life.

To extensive contact with the masses, and actively participate in activities to three visited in the past, Households door, love to visit ten thousand, ten thousand pro-knot, truly desire to make the masses. To serve the people sincerely, seriously listen to the will and voice of the masses, help people solve most concerned about, the most direct and most practical problems, truly accurate service, supply and demand right path.

To fully safeguard the masses, with great emotion, confidently solve problems for the masses, shun gas rights.

  Sun Aijun stressed the need to adhere to consolidate its foundation, mass organizations to enhance effective coverage.

At the same time to consolidate the foundation of the organization, new economic organizations to accelerate the construction of new areas to organize a new class of new social organizations, new media industries, three-dimensional, multi-faceted expanding their coverage to cover the work and activities covered. Basic services to integrate resources, explore the establishment of mass organizations working to build a coalition to promote the work of party building work and mass organizations share complementary resources.

To adhere to the mass organizations to promote the use reform to work, study and actively explore new features in the new normal mass work, the cause of the party’s mass organizations to better reflect the times, follow the law, and be creative.

  Sun Aijun requirements, to uphold the party’s leadership, efforts to build a large mass organizations work pattern. Mass organizations should work in an important agenda, into the central party committee work, as an important content of party building and party building work judged by reporting responsibility as an important basis for the assessment of leadership.

Party and government departments should make concerted efforts to strengthen the responsibility to form mass organizations to work together.

To implement the cadres standards, pay more attention to in the rank and exercise training cadres mass organizations, mass organizations and timely complete with staff, the task of building a worthy era mass organizations of high-quality cadres.

  At the meeting, Dongchangfu, Mission City, City Women’s Federation, the city Board of Education, the Bus Co., Ltd. and other units responsible comrades, made a statement. He Xianzhuo, Rong Hongzhi, Zhu Jia Yun, Tian Zhongjun, Ge Jing Fang, Jinfeng Lian, OF PROJECTILES attended the meeting.

[Responsible Editor: Hou Mingming].