Nanjing, Jiangsu: The back passenger is not systematically belled in the green belt.

上海宝山喝茶资源 Original title: The back row passengers did not systematically strap the green belt head injured Yangzi Evening News (Reporter Guo Yipeng "The safety belt is the most effective protective measures in the driving, which can not only reduce traffic accidents to the human body. Injury, even the role of saving life.

However, some passengers do not take themselves, and they put themselves in dangerous.

  "At 8:00 am, the high-speed export section of Nanjing Zhengfang Avenue has occurred, and a white car hit the roadside green belt.

"Jiangning Squadron Traffic Police said to the reporter that in addition to the driver in the car, the passengers sitting behind the main driving rear position, due to the unwanted belt, the head encountered serious 上海高端外卖工作室群 impact after the injury.

At Jiangning 上海嘉定品茶上门 Hongjing Avenue, the two cars had a rear-end accident. After arrived at the Squadron Traffic Police in the High-tech Zone, a rear passenger was injured because of the seat belt, and then sent to the hospital for treatment.

  "Since November 1st, the province has had a punishment of the safety belt traffic violations in the automobile." The traffic police reminded, in daily travel, whether driving the vehicle is still as passengers, no matter the front row or back row, You should have a good civilization habit of journey to the seat belt, which is not responsible for yourself and is responsible for your family.

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