Nanchang City Qingyun Zone strives to shape the most beautiful city style

  In July of this year, Nanchang Qingyunzi District pushed the city sanitation management business to the market. After 2 months, the winning bidder entered the work. After the marketing reform of the sanitation operation, the environment of the Qingyun Zone became beautiful. The work efficiency of the functional department has improved, and the happiness index of the residents increased.

  It is these changes, making the Qingyun Zone in depth in Nanchang City, in depth, the number of roads in the road, rising from the sixth place to the second place, to improve urban function quality, strive to create the most beautiful city style, and build "Yi The city has contributed the strength of Qingyun.

  In the process of shaping the most beautiful city style, the Qingyun Zone decided to carry out market-based reform of sanitation operations, issued the "Implementation Plan for Marketing Operation of Environmental Saving Work in Qingyun Zone", and the road control area road, general zone road, general area road Cleaning cleaning and peripheral sidewalk, green belt, transportation rail, fruit case, along the street facilities, etc .; garbage classification, collection, transfer change.

Under the fierce competition, two companies such as Overseas Chinese Silver City Management Co., Ltd. won the bid and started from September 1.

  Li Ming said, Li Ming, the head of the Nanchang project, said that as a listed company specializing in the sanitation, it must be a good job, to fully make the winning bidder, quality, and establish a brand.

They increase the investment in manpower and equipment, and there were 6 large-scale sanitation operation vehicles, 19 small sanitation operation vehicles, 100 electric cleaning vehicles. For Hongdu, Xufang, Jingshan, Lushan, Three stores and other regional 上海夜生活spa main cleansing, so that the main road does not have a gray sand, and the shell box is not mottled, and the sidewalk has no oil.

  "Introducing market-wide management model, reforming the sanitation cleaning and cleaning, toilet management and garbage transfer system, mainly gradually achieving the transformation of fees into cost.

"The relevant person in charge of the Qingyun Zone District Urban Management Bureau said that the market in the market, the market, the market, the market, has improved, breaking the work system of the original" number of dry, multi-head tube ", and realizes" a management, full coverage ". Government related The functional department is used by the original direct tube, wealth, things, and transform into management market operations. It can focus on 虹口js漂亮的油压店 the development of sanitation planning and daily work quality supervision.

  "Good management, tight." It is the recent work experience of Mei Wenwen, Meihu Scenic Environmental Health Management Office.

She said that the traffic guardrail in the previous jurisdiction was cleaned, and it was completed by the sanitation worker holding the bucket and rag.

The work area is small in the jurisdiction, and it is unrealistic to put in the purchase of machinery and equipment. Nowadays, the marketing management, the Qingyun Zone is used as a whole, and the mechanical equipment is worthwhile. Today, Qingyun Zone is brewing urban sanitation management business marketization, which creates a cleaner and comfortable home environment for residents in the jurisdiction. (Qin Qi) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona) 上海魔都桑拿论坛 Sharing let more people see.