Nantong "two in the two" Jian Xinmin Action Promotion Association held in Chongchuan District

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Chong Xuanwen People’s Network Nantong November 11th, Nantong City "two in the two" Jiannan Congress Action Promotion Association and "The Old Change First Line" Action Site will be held in Chongchuan District, counties (city, District of the District Party Minister, the person in charge of the function department, the Chongchuan District Municipal Bureau and Greening Authority, the responsible comrades of the streets, etc. The old residential street Bauhinia community has been reforming the project, and in-depth understanding of the party building leading the old community to change the new road.

This meeting aims to take the "two in the two" in the "two in the two" action to drive the "two in the two" action.

Deputy Minister of Organization, Nantong Municipal Party Committee, "Two" Working Committee Secretary Chen Pengjun affirmed the Chongchuan District "Two" two "built new work" to attack the strength, "Signified as action and party building lead the old community renovation work results. Chen Pengjun pointed out that "two" two "build new work" to attack the strength, I have a good action is the inherent requirement of the response, is to deepen the vivid practice of "I do practical things for the people" is the 13th party generation of Nantong City. A powerful initiative of the spirit. I hope that the party organizations and the majority of party members at all levels will continue to promote "two" two "build new work" to attack the strength, I have a good action to go deep, do the big way, grasp the event, practice the team, Qiang Bei collar, build a mechanism, Ming responsibility, ensuring the direction of the attack, power, and guarantee. To closely deduct the 上海会所网 deployment requirements of the central and provincial municipalities, through strengthening organizational leadership, strengthening publicity and guidance, adhere to the normal long-term, one, a grasp, not letting the progress. According to reports, since this year, Chongchuan District has earnestly implemented the provincial and municipal district committee on "two in two" construction new work, highlighting high quality development theme, and give full play to the grassroots party organization battle fortress and party members and cadres. The heart is put into the "Building Imitive Oxygen Happiness City" hot practice, built 33 old community transformations in 50 old community renovation projects in the whole district, through the strength of "head geese", select the street hook leadership Attacking 上海普陀区夜生活论坛 the Party Branch "First Secretary", the party construction instructor, arranged the secretary of the Community Party Organization, established the party’s pioneer team, 1121 Party members of the 1121 part of the party members in the old community "first-line" practice the masses, carry out the household Propaganda, safety patrol, more than 9,000 activities such as public opinion collection.

Up to now, this year, the completion rate of the old community in the region has reached 86%. It laid a solid foundation for completing the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning of the old community, vividly showcase the attacker, combat power and cohesiveness of the party organizations at all levels of Chongchuan.

During the meeting, the Standing Committee of the Chongchuan District Committee, the Minister of Organization, Minister of the United Front, Li Ronghua, based on the party construction of the whole district, leading the renovation of the old community, with "Practice" two in the same "," to attack "," The times provide strong organization guarantee "to speak on the subject, from adhering to party building leadership, thick" two in two "organizational advantages; forging pioneers, gather" two in two "to attack the strength; respond to the people’s expectations, create" two In the three aspects of the "Chongchuan model, the party organizations and the majority of party members and cadres at all levels were summarized." Two in the two "construction" attack, I "see action work initiatives and results."

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