Nanning City is the first to establish a foreign legal service station

On November 12th, 上海新茶 the "Qing Xiu Overseas Chinese Federation-Huatai Nanning is the Overseas Chinese Legal Service Station" in the Queerance Overseas Chinese Federation of Qingxiu District, Nanning City, Beijing Huatai (Nanning) Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as the Law Institute) Referred to as the Overseas Chinese Legal Service Station, which is also the first in Nanning as an overseas Chinese legal service station. In the future, for the Law Service Station will carry out legal propaganda, legal consultation, legal aid, litigation services and other foreign legal work, and broaden the relief channels of returning abroad, overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese enterprises to safeguard the legitimate rights. Promoting legal services from popularization, equalization to diversification, precision transformation, 上海闵行吴泾kb新店 and achieve the goal of condense overseas Chinese and safeguarding overseas Chinese. It is located at the 20th floor 2020-2031, 20th, Building, 165 Dongge Road, No. 165 Dongge Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, is located.

For the Overseas Legal Service Station, he will use legal workers’ professional advantages and practical work experience. Through the establishment of a legal service consultant, establishing a legal advisory hotline, not regularly carry out legal publicity, and actively do a good job of legal aid, and the benefits provide legal services. Ways, in order to work and live in Qing Xiu District, pay attention to overseas Chinese companies, the overseas Chinese companies provide high quality, efficient, professional legal advice, entrustment proxy lawsuit, legal aid, etc. The legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese people.

The Overseas Chinese Federation of Qingxiu District has always adhered to the purpose of "Overseas Chinese, for the Service", condensed the power 上海虹口区特别服务 of the overseas Chinese, and expanded as an overseas service space, actively exploring the new form of overseas Chinese service, and strive to provide quality services for the majority of returned overseas Chinese. rights and interests. For the establishment of the Overseas Legal Service Station, it will be more convenient and efficiently serving the overseas Chinese in Qingxiu District, further enhance the construction level of the unified front of the Qingxiu District, and promote the improvement of the well-war work and improve the new level, will also promote the Qingxiu District Economic and social high quality development. (Reporter Zhao Min correspondent Luo Qian) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Chen Luo) Sharing let more people see.