More than 70,000 garbage sorting law supervisors

  The Municipal Management Committee, the Municipal Travel Service, and the Municipal Urban Management Enforcement Bureau have recently been infedited in October, respectively, the city’s domestic garbage classification work advancement.

At present, there are more than 70,000 garbage sort of poligupers. At the end of the year, the city’s garbage classification demonstration community (village) will reach 1600, and synchronously created 200 demonstration business buildings, guiding the city’s six districts to create at least one domestic garbage classification demonstration commercial neighborhood. Promoting the relevant person in charge of the "Supervisor" City Management Committee, in October, in October, the independent classification accuracy rate of residents reached%, the garbage clearing is not timely problem, the demand decreased by 187 / day in January to 46 pieces / On the day, the overall trend is declining.

The city’s districts continue to carry out garbage sorting, adhere to the valuers before the barrel, promote the garbage classification and instructors become the general publicity supervisor, let the former value of the bucket more about, solve the problem of not daring to manage, not good, do not manage the problem. Up to now, more than 70,000 laws have been established. "Next, the garbage classification will be incorporated into the grassroots governance. Give full play to business mechanisms of community council, build the communication platform of residents and property enterprises, guide and promote the cohesion consensus of community residents and develop independent classification habits." Introduction, this city will also analyze the existing demonstration community (village), summarize experience, expand the exemplary coverage, play an example-in-law, and complete 1600 tasks before the end of the year. At the same time, promote the creation of demonstration business buildings, the plan to create 200 years before the end of the plan, and guide at least one of the city’s six districts to create a domestic garbage classification demonstration commercial neighborhood. Since the implementation of the newly revised "Beijing Municipal Bureau of Domestic Waste Management", the city’s urban management law enforcement department has inspecting the main responsible unit of the domestic garbage classification, found that the problem is 10,000 times, the overall problem rate is%, the case Investigate and deal with illegal activities involving domestic garbage.

  In order to enhance the accuracy of the resident family independent classification, the Municipal Urban Management Law will carry out three rounds of personal living waste classification special law enforcement inspections in the city in June this year. Up to now, the first two times have been completed, and the residential (village) will be completed. The situation is good in the residential (village), accounting for the residents (villagers) personal inspection of hundreds of people, and the situation is good Personal is 10,000, accounting for%. For personal misclassification, the illegal act is warned 17,229, the fine is 3,583; the mass hotline in the garbage classification issue has dropped from 6,356 in June, fell to 3601 in October, decline%. At the end of November, the third round of special law enforcement checks will be launched, and the accuracy of the residential classification and delivery accuracy will be enhanced.

  Scenic partitions implemented garbage classification reporter learned from the Municipal Travel Service, there are currently 225 level tourist scenic spots in the city, 191 open operations, totaling 3,322 garbage classification promotional guides, 466 organizational garbage sorting activities.上海干磨微信群

  According to relevant person in charge of the Municipal Travel Research Bureau, the key points of the level of labeling in the grade scenic spot are the six regions of the scenic area, tourists gathering area, channel area, dining area, office area and garbage collection station.

Each scenic spot has taken different refined implementation programs for different key projects.

For example, the scenic door area, tourists gathering zone set a set of four barrels of domestic waste classification recycling barrel group, posted (show) domestic garbage classification, guidance, exchange; channel zone set "recycling, other garbage" two types of buckets; Dining area set "recyclable, kitchen waste, other rubbish" tubs.

(Reporter Wang Tianqi) (Original title: Solve the barrel 大龙凤419 before paying attention to the barrel, no good tube, no management, more than 70,000 garbage sorting and regulatory supervisors).