Nanning City Jiangnan District Real Gold Silver Silver Silver

Since this year, Jiangnan District, Nanning City focuses on optimizing fiscal investment protection, giving full play to financial functions, and striving to support rural resolution, focus on building a beautiful and pleasant, business people, and Guifeng Zhuang rhyme.

"The City Finance 松江樱花足浴kb Bureau has given strong support for our ‘Sanqing Sanxiao’ work. Country revitalization is inseparable from the investment of real gold and silver, and now through the whole phase, the road is clean, the road is clean, the village slope is also clean, the masses It is very supportive to our work, and it is also very happy to follow us. I am very happy as a village book. "That is the recent new change of" three clear three demolitions ", Jiangxi Town Zhixin Village Party Branch Secretary, Director Wang Youda Said.

In order to continuously enhance the people’s sense, happiness, sense of security, and further high quality completed urban villages’ improvement tasks, as of August 23, Jiangnan District arranged for 10,000 yuan for basic remediation village projects, "two high" village houses Features and 上海徐汇会所 infrastructure construction projects, "three clear three demolition +" environmental remediations sweep the project, and now use 10,000 yuan. "To use money on the blade, especially the most needed place to use in the masses." This is what staff member of the Jiangnan District Finance Bureau often hangs. Located in Pingnan Village, Yan’an Town, Jiangnan Province, Jingde Village is relatively remote, water quality, water quality, water quality, and water quality, to better solve the drinting problem encountered by villagers, drink safe water, reassure water, 2021, Jiangnan The district passed accelerating the construction of rural water supply infrastructure, tightening the weakness of rural drinking water, increase fund support, and has been investing in Wuhan Village, Yan’an Town Pingnan Village, Wan Yuan, Yan’an Town Pingnan Village Ma Qiong Reservoir Water Supply Channel (Phase II) Project 1.96 million, Niqi Water Plant Expansion Project in Jiangnan District, Nanning City, 4.94 million yuan in Yan’an Village Committee, and greatly improved the quality of life of the people of the town.

In order to reduce the risk of loss of natural disasters on agricultural breeding, effectively sharing the risks of farmers, while reducing the funds of 上海清浦水磨 farmers, and broadening rural markets, serving farmers, 2021, Jiangnan District proposed to carry out insurance Insurance, aquaculture insurance, forestry insurance, etc. As of 26 July, the "Guihui loan" in Jiangnan Province has issued 8 in agriculture, forest, animal husbandry, and fisheries, with a total of 20.41 million yuan, and apply for a lot of money. (Yang Min Zhuo Yang Lan, Blue Jie) (Editor: Li Minjun, Huang Yumi) Sharing let more people see.