Multiple efforts to make people in the class

In the survey, please wait.If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Tianjin Peace District "one school case" to conduct personalization, diversified class after the service class, more powerful education is full of flowers, this newspaper reporter Xu Deming ■ "Double minus" in actionSchool education sessage flowers, grazing, watering, scallment, sweeping leaves … Recently, Tianjin 20th Middle School Labor Teacher Liu Ruoyi worked with plant enthusiasts in the student.In addition, they also collected flowers and leaves, making a lobbase specimens or drops.This is the lathed service launched. On the basis of the "three-in-one" labor education system in the 上海郊区品茶 past, the school uses the "Youth Orchard" in the school, and implements the labor scene of plant technology education.

  At the beginning of this autumn, all schools in Tianjin Peace District adhere to the principle of "one school case", integrated the internal and foreign resources, divided grades, and the layup set up a personalized, precise, diverse class service project, and opened a living application. Take 15 categories of activities such as hands-on practice, life safety, civilized etiquette, and national classics, form a step, different, multi-point flowers. "Comprehensive advancement of primary and secondary school after-school services, both implementing the important initiatives of ‘double reduction’, and the key links in the peacebuilding of education and building high quality education.

We must start a problem to solve 杨浦油压店 the problem of parents, to promote students’ comprehensive development, personality development and lifetime development into the foothold, carry out colorful class after-school service activities, and use the actual action to take up the happiness of students and parents. "The Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Peace District Education Bureau said.

  "Wuxiansheng", released new needs of educating people on the playground of Tianjin 11th Middle School, accompanied by music, seven- ninth grade students in turn, treated, pedal exercise and collective dance exercise. In order to promote "double reduction" to effectively, innovate after-school service and campus exercise plan, integrate sunshine sports, moral education, aesthetic education, and pilgrimage into the post-class service, effectively enhance attractiveness and effectiveness.

  All schools in the peace area around the "five education" content of German intelligence, focusing on the development of the "people" development, launching the "project menu" type service, especially to strengthen moral education first, speaking red stories, guiding all Teachers who participated in the class were responsible for the responsibility of education and found the soul of the youth. At the same time, the Heping District is based on the characteristics of "small venues, large sports", and actively develops the ball project and effectively improves the physical fitness of students in the post-class service.

  The peace area also strengthens the education investment, and 10 high-level student art communities in the area, the stage of building a communication show, let the class have a chorus, the school has a song; request all schools to implement labor education in after school, such as Strengthen the consciousness of the wheel value, and strengthen the labor education society, etc., resolutely overcome the replacement of labor. All schools have been arranged in specific arrangements, and they will take the form of students, teachers, and activities, and encourage grouping to learn internal resource sharing, complementary advantages; on curriculum resources, pay attention to the development of home school resources and social resources. Work management, opening the burden new chapter, the Heping District Education Bureau organizes each school to formulate the "Work Design Evaluation Standard", improve the "School Work Management Measures" and "Implementation Rules for Work Management", strengthen the management group, grade group operation, and effectively Strengthen quality supervision. "According to students diverse learning needs, we provide personalized ‘knowledge small capsules’. Every day, the student homework is the’ star evaluation ‘, and the students’ learning desires are excited by replacing the campus postcard." Zhang Jingqiu, deputy president of Yueyang Road, said, " Teachers give "job evaluation bill" to parents a week, eliminating parents can’t see their concerns in the student school. In addition, the school also innovates the type of job. According to the school, discipline characteristics and students’ needs and completion of the ability, formation of moral practice, scientific exploration, labor practice and other "innovative practical homework".

  The school is incorporated into the teaching and research, establishes a work rate regulation mechanism, strictly follows the process of operation discussions, declares an audit, etc. monitor.

  Peace District adheres to the principle of "a one-legged, precise support", encourages teachers to arrange hierarchical operations, elastic operations, and personalized operations.

All school teachers fully assume the responsibilities of the guidance operations and close the job guidance and after-school service, strengthen the discriminant, and pay a good answer.

  In an interview, the reporter saw that in the classroom of Yueyang Road Primary School, on the playground, "one stop for you" challenge, one minute of a minute Table Tennis Anti-Competition, etc., the various subjects presented in activities are going on … … extension the family, expand the parenting path "’Double reduction", how do parents do? " Instant "second light".

  The school’s single-double weekly set line parent lecture hall and parent-child classroom, will interpret the "double minus" policy into parent learning category; on the basis of the after-school service "observers", play the role of education and discipline, education experts, administrative management personnel, Parents such as "observers" "coaches" "safety officers", joint supervision, and evaluation after-school services.

  "Service, extended family" is a highlight of the service work after the peace area.

The district provides parents with multiple selection time nodes, such as a multi-school, providing 17: 30, 18: 00 and 18:30 three-speed time for parents to choose freely, and makes the school time humanized. The peace area has created a strong "double minus" policy promotion atmosphere in the parents, and the publicity and interpretation of relevant policies such as post-class service, operation management, guiding parents and students to discuss the time of government, read out foreign books, and carry out physical exercise. , Do housework, watch movies, etc.

  Today, the parents of Yueyang Road Primary School "Love Accompany" Project Courses, the "Warm and Home" family school in the twentieth Middle School, the "Mind" course of the second South opened school … in the peace area, one The school has a color, and the family school is integrated to advance the 上海杨浦油压哪里好 post-class service, and the campus is rooted to the family.