Yichun Vocational and Technical College: The knot is helped, help the people

Since 2016, according to the Yichun Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government’s work requirements and related documents of the poverty alleviation work in villages, Yichun Vocational and Technical College precisely poverty alleviation work group innovative ideas, strengthen measures, and further transform cadres style, closely dry group relationship, With the feelings and responsibilities, the dish of themselves in depth in the village, earnestly promoting the resort to help the poverty alleviation work, and strive to do good things, do practical things, and solve problems.

Attach great importance, strengthening the organization leadership received precision poverty alleviation mission early in 2016, and the school leaders attach great importance to it, carefully planned.

In order to strengthen organizational leadership, the school will incorporate poverty alleviation into an important agenda, and carry out the research on the party committee, combined with the actual development of the help plan, the annual plan, and immediately set up the Party Secretary Song Xiaowen He is a head leader, and the vice president Yi Yichun has a deputy team leader, sent a departmental party member cadre – Zhao Wei, deputy director of the Discipline Inspection Supervision, served as the first secretary of Xitang Village, sent two cadres to Zhongzhou Township. Responsible for the daily work of poverty alleviation. The first secretary is a member of the Leading Group for the Poverty Alleviation Work in Zhongzhou Township, participating in the discussion and decision of various poverty alleviation work in the township, ensuring the normal and efficient operation of precise poverty alleviation work from the organization leadership. The industry is supported, and the economic development has established a professional planting base. In April 2016, the school has made consensus on the school and village two levels. Using the technical advantages of the Savings Institute, the national funds and funds of the school and the funds subsidies, the Government + Institute + Cooperative + Poverty "is prepared in Xitang Village. Industry: Planting Base in Ping Mushroom.

After more than two months of technology, equipment, talents and all-round participation, in the first half of 2016, the pit mushroom was successful, and the mushroom was 2000 pounds. In September of the same year, Xitang Village Palm Planting Base is completed, 12 pit mushroom sheds, nearly 100 square meters, and officially established Xitang Village Edible Fungus Planting Cooperatives, absorbing all 50 poor households in Xitang Village .

On October 17, the same year, two brands were held, and a base of the China-Hong Kong Township Industrial Poverty Alleviation Base and Yichun Vocational and Technical College Industrial Poverty Alleviation Base was unveiled ceremony, the Metropolitan Municipal Committee of the Yushu Municipal Committee, the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee Yang Shilin, the deputy director of the Yushu City, Zhou Xingen, Yushu City Deputy Mayor Yuan Baozhen and Vice President Yi Yilun, Liu Jiangyi unveiled the ceremony. At the unveiling ceremony, Yang Shilin said: "This is not only a highlight of the precise poverty alleviation work in Zhongzhou Township, but also an example of the precision poverty alleviation work in Yushu City and Yichun.

"Since the establishment of planting base, the Working Group invited experts from the edible bacteria and farmers to plant training in village cadres and farmers. Many village cadres and farmers have been skilled in the mushroom planting technology.

The base is prioritized by poor housekeeping workers. Only 30 poverty houses in 2016 have increasing more than 30,000 yuan. At the end of 2016, 50 households in 2016 were divided into 200 yuan per household.

The good operation of the flat mushroom base attracts the media’s attention: On December 4th, 2016 "People’s Daily New Rural" version is "the greenhouse long" de-poowning mushroom "", December 24th "CCTV News" "Enhance the hematopoietic function promotion industry poverty alleviation", and reported that the characteristic industry of Xitang Village, Zhongzhou Township, Yutan City has been successfully obtained, helping the villagers to get rid of poverty alleviation. The precision poverty alleviation work in Xitang Village has been opened. Beautiful flowers, fragrance, getting the central level media. Pumpkin seedlings are available free of charge. Under the proposal of the School Accurate Poverty Alleviation Working Group, in early March 2016, Xitang Village began to cultivate pillow pumpkin seedlings.

Beginning 2500 free pumpkin seedlings begin April 20 payment to farmers. The Working Group also for the villagers to be responsible for the implementation of the post-acquisition by the school, Yichun University, a hundred trees and other nursery school canteens to address the worries of villagers to plant pumpkins.

At the same time, provide a number of free melon seedlings to farmers, but also because of the late sales support, highly motivated farmers to plant pumpkin seedling villagers claimed a blank.

Twinning, helping the vulnerable heart warming according to the actual situation of the work of helping the precise requirements and working groups, the school has deployed 10 middle-level cadres, establishment of the West Village accurate poverty with hearts teams, requirements villages and households once a week, grassroots visits, helping poor households to find out the basic situation seriously, even the heart of squad members with poor villagers West village "twinning" helping to establish twinning manual, the work of helping the formation of normalization, institutionalization. School helping cadres repeatedly come home to visit poor households, sent rice, oil, blankets and other necessities.

October 17 poverty alleviation, the school also gave West Village five five households per household 500 yuan relief funds, and the other given eight poor households per household 300 yuan relief funds.

The end of 2016, the "Heart to Heart cadres wish micro lights" campaign Party Organization Department and the Youth League organizations, Yichun Vocational and Technical College careful organization, and actively claim to help 15 poor households completed the micro-aspiration, sent the value of household 400 yuan supplies to help them through a warm winter.

June 22, 2017, even the heart of poverty accurate non-stop visits to various teams helping object, sent a mat, summer is, basins, buckets, milk and other daily necessities for the 16 poor households. Before 2017, "July", the school party secretary Song Xiaowen, vice president Yi Liang Chun visited two party standing more than five decades old party, give 300 yuan per person condolence payments. Luo four Yichun Vocational and Technical College is one of poverty hanging point village helping object, due to a bad heart stent surgery can not be done in heavy manual labor to poverty.

Working Group visited that Luo four early years of beekeeping experience, Song Xiaowen secretary encouraged it to continue beekeeping business, and actively helped him open up sales channels and markets to address their worries.

June 22, 2017, Luo four with nearly 2,000 pounds of honey bee brewed came to school sales, under Vocational-family help and support, excellent quality, green and healthy honey quickly sold out, total sales paragraph million. Party Secretary Song Xiaowen encourage Luo four, to continue to improve the quality and yield of honey, as long as quality assurance, the school will help its long-term sales, help them get rich.

Helping electricity suppliers, sales network construction road school teachers on the use of powerful electric business professional, excellent talent pool, excellent technology and other advantages, the joint unit of young school-enterprise cooperation Valley Creative Industry Park, the introduction of mature Internet companies municipal and agricultural operations center network Yichun electricity supplier poverty agricultural marketing platform, combined with industry leading features Zhongzhou Township, products, by collecting, packaging agricultural products online sales, help local farmers to capital, technology, management, bringing in the resources, product and service was launched to achieve the purpose of poverty and promote development.

Education assistance, school dream round school students from poor families to help solve the problem of school, middle school and Zhongzhou docking, provide incentives for the age to attend school for poor students, tuition waivers, accommodation, particularly difficult for students from poor families, by the school leaders, mid-level, senior teachers implement twinning, to help them solve the food and other life issues.

School for poor students in primary school Nakasu center of the West Village, five were sent sportswear, shoes and stationery, to help them overcome some of the difficulties of learning and encouraged them to study hard. The school also give full play to information technology professional advantage, to exclude party members teachers left Dewei, Chen roots gold Nakasu township government officials and representatives of the masses were taught "Office Automation Practice Tips", "PPT production skills" course, and presented nearly the present value of some one thousand two books.

Schools and enterprises in Jiangxi joint cooperative enterprises Micro Software Technology Co., Ltd. and also an expanding support and other information on technical support, product sales reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Zhongzhou township government.

Medical assistance, send warm healthy school regularly organize medical teams to the village to carry out "Songyisongyao get healthy," "officials" social practice clinic services and other activities to promote healthy living knowledge of the masses, for the villagers free diagnosis, examination, particularly of poverty caused by poor households to learn more about the disease, symptomatic drug delivery, filing legislation to protect 15 drug cards to poor households by the end of 2017, reducing its economic pressure.

Since 2016, it held three Songyisongyao activities, drug delivery cumulative 2 million yuan, checking more than 500 people.

Financial assistance, to implement the higher level built beautiful countryside beautiful countryside construction-related instructions, to change people travel difficult, the status quo low standard of living, the working group to coordinate capital of nearly 50 million, the West Village for a new rural reform, greatly enhance the 40 more than 180 households, more than quality of life; Yan village on the road into the village and hujiacun issue of 800 meters, the working group to coordinate Yan Village 4 acres of farmland occupied by the North line of engineering problems, and financing of more than 70,000 yuan, to honor Ka Yan the new commitment to repair a village road of 280 meters. In early 2016 by the school funding of $ 200 million to support the village office expenses; October the same year by the school $ 300 million for the construction of corridor policy advocacy, in November the same year arranged by the school project capital of 500 million yuan for the construction of village activities place; March 2017 school aid for the project capital of 500 million yuan for the whole insurance strengthening small-scale water; in May 2017 the school has allocated over 800 million for the Ministry of the village reform and poverty alleviation studio building.

(Aomei Rong).