The fourth session of the exhibitor: sharing the opening and winning cooperation with China

Enter the wisdom of the Expo, visitors are experiencing simulation driving. The "Overseas Enterprise Taining China 2021" report released during the Excellence of People’s Daily News shows that the new business opportunities brought by China ‘s implementation of "Double Carbon" goals further enhance the appeal of the Chinese market to international enterprises.

Many companies have taken action on the green transition of the market, and on the one hand, the sustainable development of China’s business is planned to provide more environmentally friendly and sustainable products for the Chinese market.

Approaching the Uniqlo in the Expo 1000 square meters of "tomorrow" booth, a red dress floating in the air is extra eye.

This 3D giant knit skirt weaved from a sweater can be 360 ??degree of human curve, showing the 3D knitting process of the uniformity of the Uniqlo.

Dong Chi Fang, China Public Relations, Director of China, said that the concept of the Sustainable Development of Uniqlo Lifewear, integrating brand management and production, and helping consumers a better green and environmentally friendly living through clothing design, process and technological innovation.

Green development is high! Sustainable low-carbon concepts are endless at this trade event on the banks of the Huangpu River.

Open development trend is a wide spring breeze that is open to China has been warm. Set up a batch of self-trade test area, repeated import tax rate, successfully through foreign investment law, further relaxation of foreign banks and insurance companies access conditions … China firmly unwavering the open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, in deepening international Economic and trade cooperation, support in the actual action of economic globalization, communication, Pu Hui won; at the same time, complete the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement domestic approval, coordinate "all the way" construction, Beijing-Tianjin Common Development, Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao The construction of the Daxan District, the development of the Yangtze River Delta integration, improve the layout of China’s reform and opening up, and the deepening reform and higher levels of opening up.

At the global fair of the Huangpu River, China is committed to promoting a win-win, sharing, and coincidence, sharing a continuous market opportunity with the market entities of the world. In the technical equipment exhibition area, foreign companies have grasped China’s open opportunities, effectively realize a micro-China Unicom and the Chinese market industry Unicom and elements resource shared.