Zhengzhou Jinshui: "Nesting the Phoenix" to build a highland talent development

  Xinhuanet Zhengzhou November 16th, in recent years, Zhengzhou Jinshui District adheres to the direction of building "innovation Zhi City, Quality Gold Water" as talent work, and give full play to the leading role of talents in innovation and development, and actively builds new generations. Modes, excitation innovation and create vitality. Today, the district collects 21 national incubator, Xingchuasia and the public space, 46 academician workstations, 257 engineering research centers (including 3 national levels), 134 key laboratories, introduced "two hospitals" Academician, the national "10,000 people plan" and 22 experts, urban development power is driving to innovate drive conversion, the industrial system is leading the transformation from traditional industrial owners to emerging industries, central (national) talents highlands preliminary formation . High-rise planning industry carrier is a collection of talents "Building a nest" Jinshui District in accordance with the "industry collection ‘" " (Jinshui Science and Education Park, National Intellectual Property Creative Industry Point Park, Henan Science Park) and China (Henan) Free Trade Test Zone Golden Water Pieces, Building "Five Industry" Important Carriers and Platform, forming information security, sharing economy, etc. The core strategic emerging industrial clusters, Shen Changxiang academician, Deng Zixin academician and other more than 70 high-end talents come to Jinshui innovation, become the most powerful driving force for innovative drive strategies. The high standard implementation of talents policy for talents "storage energy" Jinshui District pays attention to the maximum benefits of the major initiatives of the central provinces and the provinces on talent work.

The district has held 5 talents "patriotic struggle" theme class, and more than 120 talents have been organized as "one member of the two generations", and the district leaders took the initiative to "one-on-one" knot "relative" and district fiscal input. More than 3 million yuan is used in high-level talented medical examination, condolences, etc. in the jurisdiction, and carry out more than 120 games in the "six into" activities.

More than 20 excellent experts in Henan Province, 95 high-level talents in the city, incorporated into 19 outstanding entrepreneurs in the city, ranking in the province, the city’s forefront.

Drafting "Jinshui District accelerated talents to promote the promotion of the new high-rise support of the National Talents of Youth Talents", "Jinshui Talent" "Jinshui", "Jinshui", "Jinshui", which is fully identified by employers, is expected to implement various types of talents every year. The capital is 1 billion yuan. The high-efficiency construction service platform is a "building" Jinshui District actively constructs "platform construction, activity innovation, service guarantee" as a talent development mechanism. In the 7 college student gardens in the jurisdiction, the district fiscal 200 million yuan is 200 million yuan, and the entrepreneur will enter the park to enjoy the highest 500,000 yuan of key funding and up to 3 million yuan of interest loans, and cultivate 709 incubation college students’ entrepreneurial projects. , Cultivated a large number of young people. Planning the new technology market, Jinke Huigu, etc., the emerging industrial platform, including the innovative resources, introduced a batch of research institutes such as Zhengzhou Division, Henan Huazhong Biotechnology Research Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhongyuan Research Institute, effectively promoted talent intelligence Transformation transformation of results. Accelerate the construction of talent apartment, invest hundreds of millions of purchases 396 young talents apartment, start construction of talent apartment 1104 sets. Innovative to carry out the "Chuangke Leadership · 200" activity, provide quality service to people’s innovation and entrepreneurs by hiring entrepreneurial tutors, building professional incubation platforms, providing financial loans, entrepreneurial guidance.

Integrate talents, government, enterprises, etc. Provide a whole process, one-stop service.

  With the implementation of talent priority development, there are currently more than 310 high-level talents, and there are more than 1,200 leading talents, 1302 technologies, 351 high-tech enterprises, and talents innovation. Entrepreneurial activity is constantly apparent. (Chen Yong).