The US Army developed a maximum range of 1850 km "strategic long-range artillery" (Photos)

> 2021-11-1711: 57: 22 here: Reference News Network reported on October 18, said the foreign media, the US Army is developing a maximum range of 1850 km "strategic long-range artillery," expected 2023 launch of the prototype gun.

According to the US AlsTechnology website October 16, 2017 reported that the US Army website, the US Army set up a number of cross-functional team (CFT), to quickly advance key technologies to enhance the ability of the US Army’s Future Combat. Where a team known as the "long-range precision fire ‘pilots’ team" is committed to the development of the next generation of US Army artillery, including "dark fire" – deep in the defense against strategic objectives artillery capabilities opponent. The team gave birth to the (future commander of the US Army Admiral John Murray of the US Congress in 2018 words) to "a maximum range of 1,000 nautical miles (about 1,850 kilometers) strategic long-range artillery.

"Reported that" strategic long-range artillery, "the first breakthrough project is currently set technical barriers. Before the recent Association of the US Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting, long-range precision firepower cross-functional team leader Colonel John Rafferty told" Defense News Weekly "reporter, the Army wanted to show this artillery system prototype gun until 2023.

Currently, the US military is working with the Army’s White Sands Missile Range Analysis Center and research analysts, confirmed the technical feasibility of the gun.

The US Army is preparing to conduct early testing in Dahlgren Naval Support Facility. Dahlgren is the proving ground for many advanced artillery, including the US Navy has given up the railgun project. Data Figure: Comparison of active duty US military M109 self-propelled howitzer (left) and M1299 gun away by itself (right).

(US officer network) profile picture: M1299 for off-road test of extended-range self-propelled artillery.

(US officer network) Lafferty on "Defense News" magazine reporter said the prototype gun must be fully tested on the road "technologies gate" along the way.

The first test will be an early ballistic evaluation. But there are some of the more important technical issues – including whether to seek the US Army range can be achieved without firing shells, rather than with a similar US Navy Zhu Mu Woer super stealth destroyer. "Advanced naval gun system" (AGS).

According to reports, the US military has a strong motivation for success. Because the ultra-long-range artillery that can help meet the challenges brought about by the opponent advanced ultra-horizon radar, coastal defense systems and air defense systems. Rafferty said: "One way to solve this problem is to throw a remote ground to ground fire, the fire can penetrate this integrated system, the destruction of their network, and create a window of opportunity for the joint force." Reports / feedback.