The 12th National Conference of the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China

  Original title: The 12th National Conference of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee held the election of the 12th Provincial Committee Standing Committee, Secretary, and Deputy Secretary, Secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, chairs the meeting and made an important speech on October 29. The first plenary meeting of the 12th Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Taiyuan. Lin Wu (left six) was elected as the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Blue Fraud (Right 6), Shang Li Guang (left 5) was elected as deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, Wang Yongjun (right five), Xu Guangguo (left 4), Zhang Ji Fu (right IV), Chen Anli (left three), Li Fengyi (right three), Wu Wei (left), Lu Dongliang (right 2), Wei Wei (left), Zheng Lianheng (right) is elected as the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee.

(Reporter Li Donjun) October 29, the first plenary meeting of the 12th Committee of the Communist Party of China held in Taiyuan. Comrade Lin Wu hosted the meeting.

  The plenary elections have produced the 12th Provincial Committee Standing Committee, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, through the 12th National Conference Election Results of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Lin Wu was elected as the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Lan Fanta, and Shang Li Guang were elected as deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, Wang Yongjun, Xu Guangguo, Zhang Ji Fu, Chen Anli, Li Fengqi, Wu Wei, Lu Dongliang, Wei Wei, Zheng Lianheng is elected as the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee.

  81 members of the provincial party committee members and 16 provincial party committees. Not the 12th Provincial Party Committee, the provincial party members of the candidate committee, and the Second stage meeting of the 12th Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission. Newly elected Provincial Party Secretary Lin Wu issued an important speech.

He pointed out that the plenary session elected me as provincial party secretary, which is the party and the people trust me and trust.

I am determined and all members to join in with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, make every effort to perform their duties conscientiously, Shanxi to do a good job, and never live up to the trust of the CPC Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping, will never live up to the full provincial party members and cadres and the masses look forward to.

  Lin Wu pointed out that the victory of the Twelfth Party Congress held in the province, has a great significance in the history of Shanxi.

Xi Jinping General Assembly fully implement the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly implement the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary visited Shanxi important instructions, clear objectives and requirements put forward to promote the all-round development of high quality, arrange the next five years, Shanxi roadmap for struggling to building a modern socialist country and write a chapter in Shanxi combination of confidence, brought together power.

Blueprint has been drawn, the key is implementation. The new provincial party committee to keep in mind the early heart mission, strengthen self-construction, take the lead in enhancing the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance", and strive to build like-minded politically, ideologically utter sincerity, work closely cooperation, unity and harmony of life care for each other strong collective, progressive attitude to indomitable, unite and lead the whole province firmly take a good road to the new exam.

First, absolute loyalty to the Party, the initiative in "two to maintain." Xi Jinping to study and implement a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a long-standing idea of the primary political task, adherence to the Party’s political discipline and political rules, and constantly improve the implementation of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important instructions indicate the operating mechanism, always thinking on the same political action with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC central Committee highly consistent, loyal to inject the blood and into the career, written on earth.

Second, the depth emancipate the mind, open promote all-round development of high quality new situation.

Establish a strategic vision, focusing on strategic positioning and comparative advantages of Shanxi, to new ideas, new as explore new ways new model.

Houzhi innovative thinking, highlighting the centrality of innovation, transform and upgrade traditional industries on the one hand, one hand and strategic emerging industry development and growth, innovation and quality traction change, efficiency change, power change.

Strengthening the market concepts, more use of market mechanisms, market-based instruments, the rule of law thinking their careers, solve problems, stimulate entrepreneurial dynamic vitality of the whole society officer. Third, seek truth from facts, proceeding from reality to promote the work plan.

In-depth investigations and studies, follow the objective law resource-based economy, to promote the all-round quality control Provincial Development "six areas," "three systems" matrix work, study and formulate realistic comply with the localities, departments and units of the actual work matrix , so that innovative ideas but not ambitious, but not anxious Jingan hot pursuit.

Fourth, stick people feelings, and the people want to be together doing together.

Adhere to people-centered development ideas, respect the people’s pioneering spirit, continue to carry out a "I do practical things for the masses’ practice, heart and soul forced to solve the people problems trouble worry hope. Ordered flood control and disaster relief and post-disaster restoration and reconstruction work, speed up the recovery in the affected areas of production and life order, to protect the affected people fed, warmed, stay safe.

Fifth, take the lead as play, play an exemplary role of pioneers. Yong sense of responsibility to play the prison tree, acquired the ability to play good quality and enhance the spirit of struggle dare to play, nothing to do with asylum, meaning not escape responsibility, throw themselves dry, straighten the backbone carry courageously first in a new journey, to make contributions .

Sixth, practice Zonta Chung Tak, establish a good image of clean and honest. To Germany Slim, nourish the party spirit with great founding spirit, continue to temper the party faithful Dade, for the benefit of the people of morality, self-discipline character.

To Germany honesty, always introspection weight from police and self-motivation, do want to adopt an extremely careful cautious early Cautious careful and always keep the Communists political character. Resolutely carry the main responsibility for running the party and the party tube, from my start, start from the Provincial Standing Committee, take the lead to break the unspoken rules significant rule, suppression of negative energy to positive energy, promote a lasting political ecology Shanxi Delicate gas is.

  Lin Wujiang tune, we should study and implementation of the Twelfth Party Congress spirit of the province, as an important political task of the province’s current and future period, to promote the continued deployment of the rapid rise of the boom. Members should take the lead in studying and implementing good job, thoroughly study and understand the spirit of good report, accurately grasp the general idea of the report, objectives, major tasks and major initiatives, combined with the local department promote the implementation of the actual model.

Do a good job overall planning, the spirit of the Plenum of the Ninth six study and implement the General Assembly, with the study and implementation of the forthcoming combined with the implementation of the "Fourteen Five Year Plan" together, combined with planning next year’s work, through linkage, one of the advance . Do a good job preaching propaganda, flexible use of a variety of ways to promote the spirit of the General Assembly, enterprises, into the countryside, into the organs, into schools, into the community, into the network.

Landing a good job tasks, objectives and tasks of the reports submitted by the decomposition, one by one by one down to all localities and departments, the implementation of inventory management, reconciliation and ensure a high-quality all-round development to promote the objectives and requirements carried out, overall effective .

  Lin Wu pointed out that departments at all levels should work arrangements throughout the year, overall carry out current work. To strengthen the goal-oriented and results-oriented, strengthen confidence, maintaining concentration, strengthen economic monitoring scheduling, fully grasp the project, decisive fourth quarter, ensure the completion of objectives and tasks throughout the year. To better co-ordinate development and security, good for the province and the external power supply coal, outgoing power protection, a solid grasp of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, safety and other work to ensure the province’s overall social stability.

  Lin Wujiang tune, let us more closely unite around the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping, emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, do solid work, a long time to work, to promote high-quality all-round development, the province Twelfth Party Congress It depicts the grand blueprint into reality in the land of Shanxi, struggling to compose building a modern socialist country Shanxi chapter. (Reporter Yang Wen).