Xi Near Poland President Dudantong Phone

Original title: Xi Jin Tongong President Dudantong Phone Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 24th President Xi Jinping 24th Poland President Duddong Phone.

  Xi Jinping pointed out that after the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Polish government and the community expressed condolences and support from the Chinese side, and the Chinese people remembered in the heart. I have a truth. China firmly supports the efforts of the Polish government and the Polish people fight the epidemic.

The Chinese side also held a health expert video conference, including Poland, held a health expert video conference, and timely shared the prevention and control information and related practices.

China adheres to the concept of human fate community. It is willing to strengthen immunity cooperation between countries including Poland, and jointly maintain public health safety. Xi Jinping emphasized that the victory of this epidemic, giving us strength and confidence is the Chinese people. China’s 14 billion people in the same boat, Zhong Zhicheng City, firm confidence, and fight with the epidemic.

The majority of medical staff in China are ignored, and they are forgotten to die. This noble spirit makes me feel deeply. The people are the real hero.

As long as we rely on the people, we will be able to overcome all difficulties, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Xi Jinping emphasized that Poland is an important partner in China in the European Union and the Middle Eastern European countries. China is willing to work with the wave. National Cooperation and the Development of China and European Relations. Duda said that China took timely decisive measures to effectively curb the spread of the epidemic, and I advised the Chinese health staff against the Chinese people. China’s related empirical is worthy of Poland.

Poland is facing severe challenges, urgent medical protection materials. Thanks to China to provide precious support in time, this is the embodiment of a deep friendship in the wave. The China’s economic foundation is strong, I am overcoming the epidemic in China, achieving better development.

The wave hopes to strengthen cooperation in various fields in all areas, and work together to promote cooperation between the Middle Eastern European countries and China.

I cherish the friendship of the President of Tongxing, and I look forward to this morning after the epidemic.

(Editor: Gu Yan, Deng Nan).