The National Term Office commends the so-called "speech" of the leaders of the People’s Bureau: advocating "Taiwan independence" and inciting the opposite

  Beijing October 10 (Reporter Jianglin) For the Leaders of the People’s Republic of China, the leaders of the Democratic Party issued the so-called "speech" on October 10, the spokesperson of the National Taiwan Affairs Office Ma Xiaoman should, this "speech" Gushing "Taiwan independence", inciting the opposition, cutting history, distorting the facts, with the so-called "consensus, solidarity" to kidnap the public opinion of Taiwan, and the external forces, and provocate the "unique" provocation. He said that Taiwan is part of China.

Since 1949, although the two sides of the Straits have not been fully unified, the facts of China and Taiwan have never been changed, and China’s sovereignty and territories have never been split will never allow segmentation. The Ministry of Public Advanced Party is lifted by external forces, and the graft is self-emphasized, and it is crazy to seek "unique" provocative, and constantly manufacturing things. The so-called "maintenance status" is just an attempt to pass the sea and deceive the world.

At present, the "unique" provocation of the Ministry of Progressive Party is the root cause of cross-strait relations, and it is the largest threat in peace and stability in Taihai. We combat the "Taiwan independence", which is a reversal of the DPP and "Taiwan independence" forces, which is by no means for Taiwan compatriots. The Ministry of Progressive Party is in the country, confuses the audio-visual, and can’t deceive the people in the island and the international community. Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that we advocate peace and unity, to achieve the unity of the motherland in peace, and mostly in line with the overall interests of the Chinese nation, including Taiwan compatriots.

We are willing to solve two strait differences on a Chinese principle, promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, and promote the peaceful and unified process of the motherland. Adhere to the "Nine-two Consensus" and opposed "Taiwan independence" is a common political basis for cross-strait relations. The Ministry of Public Advanced Party delegates "Nine-two Consensus", destroying the dialogue basis; seeking "Taiwan independence" splitting, close the gate of the cross-strait dialogue.

Is this not changing the status quo! If this is also called "goodwill", what else is "malicious"? If this is not "advanced", what is "advancing"? He said that since the first step of the DPP, the government has been in power, and the people’s live births have grinded, but it is deedd on the contradiction of manufacturing ethnic groups, differentiation of Taiwan’s society, and the "green horror", crazy to fight. Promote "China’s" "gradually entering Taiwan independence", forcibly cutting the people of Taiwan and the Chinese culture and the Chinese nation, which greatly hurts the fundamental interests of Taiwan compatriots.

If such a "Taiwan independence" is packaged into a so-called "democratic freedom", boasting the so-called "Taiwan is getting better and better", and it is also too underestimating the IQ of Taiwan. Ma Xiaoguang said that realizing the complete unity of the motherland is the common wishes of Chinese children at home and abroad, and is the common will of China.

Taiwan is Baodao, the motherland, is a total of Taiwan, Taiwan, including 23 million Taiwan compatriots, is determined by all Chinese people. The Ministry of Public Advanced Party is pity, colluding the external forces, engage in confrontation, refuses to unity, and seek "Taiwan independence", walking, but it is the mandatory part of the private, can’t stop 23 million Taiwan people, can’t stop the history of history.

The motherland must be unified and will be unified. We are willing to cooperate with the majority of Taiwan compatriots, united forward, smash any "Taiwan independence", and create a unity of the motherland and the nation’s rejuvenation.