Taiyuan three sectoral joint law enforcement discovered 264 exhaust gas without compass

  Original title: Taiyuan three departments joint law enforcement discovery 264 exhaust gas does not meet the standard diesel car November 6, Shanxi Evening News reporter learned from Taiyuan City Ecological Environment Bureau, Taiyuan ecological environment, public security traffic police, transportation management joint law enforcement, payment Special law enforcement inspection of the car. As of the end of October, there were 3,866 lines of the road inspection diesel car, and 2172 diesel vehicles were detected. It was detected that the exhaust gas did not meet the standard diesel car 264. This special law enforcement examination is mainly carried out from the three aspects of the "Diesel Train Road Inspection, Environmental Regular Inspection, Key Enterprise Inspection". Relying on the four fixed inspection points in the city, the normalized joint law enforcement action is carried out in accordance with the "Ecological Environment Department Testing and Practice, the Public Security Traffic Police Department is punished according to law, the transportation department supervises and maintenance" models, focusing on the black smoke and over-standard emissions Diesel car. At present, the Taiyuan Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau has issued the correction notice of the environmental illegal act of 264 exhaust gas to the environmental illegal activities, ordered the illegal vehicle deadline. The operating diesel vehicles that detect exceeded the standard, the depth-oil vehicle, the owner escaped to off-site testing, maintenance and annual inspection, and implementing prohibition within the scope of Taiyuan City, which is responsible for this class by the traffic police department Supervision of vehicles.

  The ecological environmental departments are locked for the operation of the operating class exceeding the standard diesel vehicle in the period, and the blacklist system of the exhaust gas exceeds the standard vehicle. Before the vehicle is qualified, the vehicle is not allowed to pass the vehicle annual inspection. After the treatment, the exhaust gas is still not rejected by the relevant provisions, according to the relevant provisions.

(Reporter Wu Jia).